During Universal's horror golden age of the '30s and '40s, the studio's beloved monsters all existed in aesthetically similar movies. When they starting going into decline, they even started showing up in each other's films to team up and/or battle to the death. So it makes perfect sense for the Universal of 2014 to see potential in a shared cinematic universe of their iconic monsters and it looks like the upcoming 'Dracula Untold' will kick it all off.

Although the upcoming remake/reboot of 'The Mummy' will be the studios' first official entry in their retooled monster universe, the upcoming 'Dracula Untold' recently went under reshoots that will allow it to coexist with the rest of the upcoming movies, should it do well at the box office. Badass Digest was the first to write about these reshoots, but for those interested in what was added at the last second, you can read about it below. Spoilers lurk ahead, of course.

The bulk of 'Dracula Untold' deals with the titular vampire gaining his powers many years ago in a distant land, but the final scene takes place in modern day and finds Luke Evans' immortal bloodsucker making his way through a crowded marketplace. The vampire who gave Dracula his powers is seen following him, saying "Let the games begin." Roll credits.

It's not much (it sounds like a last minute decision shot in one day on a budget), but it does indicate that the new monster movies will take place in present day and that Dracula's creator may have a part to play in these movies going forward. How Evans' Dracula will ultimately meet up with the Mummy and Frankenstein's monster and whoever else remains unknown, but it'll be interesting to watch them attempt to pull off the "Marvel model" with horror icons.

'Dracula Untold' opens in theaters on October 1.

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