If there's one independent production company that everyone should know about and keep their eyes on, it's Drafthouse Films. They've made one bold and smart distribution after another and are doing it again, this time with 'Wrong.'

Drafthouse Films just acquired the North American distribution rights to 'Wrong,' the latest movie from Quentin Dupieux. This is the same man who created the odd and surprise hit 2010 independent movie 'Rubber,' so if you've seen that, then you know what kind of a surreal cinematic treat you're in for.

'Wrong' centers on Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) who wakes up one morning to find that his dog Paul has gone missing. From there he goes on a strange and spiritual journey with the help of Master Chang (William Fitchner) in order to find his beloved pooch. The absurdist comedy will be rolling its way out into theaters sometime in 2013 tied together with a nice VOD release.

CEO and Drafthouse Films co-founder Tim League is extremely happy to be adding 'Wrong' along to the company's roster. “Wrong’s demented universe is a perfect fit for our brand of artfully unusual films, and Quentin proves once again that he is one of contemporary cinema’s true fearless visionaries who refuses to play by the rules.”

If we've already tickled your fancy on Quetin Dupieux's 'Wrong,' then check out the free downloads we have attached on two tracks from the upcoming movie's soundtrack, co-composed by Mr. Oizo and Tahiti Boy, and will be available on August 27.