Everyone's favorite snarky apostate, Morrigan, will be returning in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Just exactly what role will she play in the fate of the world?

An article on Game Informer explores what makes Morrigan tick and her role in the Dragon Age universe. She's an enigma wrapped within several mysteries, but perhaps that's what makes her such an interesting character for the player, regardless of where or not she's sought out as a romantic interest.

The article features lead writer David Gaider's vision for Morrigan. Gaider reveals that Morrigan was originally a lot like Flemeth and was very cryptic when she spoke. He said, "Remember meeting Flemeth and she’s talking in circles and kind of out there? I had Morrigan kind of the same way. She would never give you anything straight.”

Eventually, Gaider turned her more into a defiant teen who was the complete opposite of her supposed mother, Flemeth. But not unlike Flemeth, she held great power. At the tail-end of Dragon Age: Origins, she offers the Grey Warden a chance to save his life by completing a ritual that would result in Morrigan with child. The Warden would be spared, but the Archfiend's essence would be absorbed into the unborn baby, giving it the power of an Old God.

This setup for her role in Inquisition might lead fans to believe that she'll be available as a party member, but creative director Mike Laidlaw laid down the law and confirmed that, while she will be playing an important role, she won't be in the main character's party.

Morrigan's past interactions will resurface, such as her romance with the Grey Warden in Origins. Gaider said, "Yes. The various states that Morrigan can be in – of which there can be quite a few, because we don’t know when to stop when it comes to making decisions – they’re all recognized. Whether or not they have the ultimate effect like the kind of reactivity someone imagines, that depends on the person. But we do recognize them and it does play a role of varying degrees depending on the surroundings.”

Ultimately, Morrigan wants to see change in the world. Her role in Inquisition might be pivotal in making this happen. Could she be working to change how the world views magic? Or does she want to get rid of those who hate her kind forever? We'll just have to wait and see when Dragon Age: Inquisition is released next year.