Do you buy John Cusack as a Roman soldier who teams up with Jackie Chan in an epic battle film that takes place in the year 48 BC? Yeah, neither do we, but that’s what the first trailer for ‘Dragon Blade’ is selling. Cusack has certainly been making some Choices with a capital C in recent years, and his latest film continues the modern tradition of making us scratch our heads at whatever the hell John Cusack is getting up to.

In ‘Dragon Blade,’ Cusack plays a Roman general who goes AWOL after rescuing the Prince, and legendary martial arts superstar Jackie Chan plays an enslaved former Chinese guard framed for crimes he didn’t commit. The two of them team up when they meet in the Western Chinese desert in the year 48 BC, and then a whole lot of action with heavy metal armor and helmets happens. Also, Adrien Brody is there and he seems like he’s playing the bad guy because … well, because he’s Adrien Brody and that’s how he rolls these days.

‘Dragon Blade’ cost $65 million to make, which wouldn’t seem so shocking (it is a historical epic, after all) if not for the terrible dialogue and the fact that this is a new movie starring John Cusack—he doesn’t exactly have the best track record recently. But who knows? It already seems a bit more interesting that Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings.’ At least ‘Dragon Blade’ didn’t cast Joel Edgerton as an ancient Chinese soldier.

‘Dragon Blade’ will hit theaters overseas on February 19. As of now, it doesn’t have a U.S. release date, though the trailer and promotional materials indicate that this one is headed to IMAX 3D. John Cusack and Jackie Chan: two J.C.s in mega 3D. Jesus Christ.