The 'Dredd' trailer is online and features a lot of what you'd expect - guns, explosions and really cheesy legal puns ("The death!"). But is also features something you might not expect from a big action film: an ethereal pop song. But what is that song?

The song heard at the beginning and the end of the trailer is from British electropop duo La Roux. The track is titled "In For the Kill" - an oddly fitting choice for a 'Dredd' trailer (sample lyrics: Let's go to war / To make peace ... I'm going in for the kill / I'm doing it for a thrill).

"In For the Kill" has seen its fair share of remixes (from Skrillex and others) but the version used in the 'Dredd' trailer is a 2009 remix from English dubstep producer Skream subtitled "Let's Get Ravey." The song was listed as one "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years" by NME magazine.

La Roux's debut album (also titled "La Roux") that featured this song won the Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album last year.

You can listen to the track below and below that watch the full 'Dredd' trailer one more time to see how it works with the footage.