Judgment is coming. So says the puns in the 'Dredd' trailer, which stars Karl Urban as the hand-cannon-wielding law enforcement agent of the future.

The 'Dredd' trailer establishes a future city addicted to Slo-Mo – a drug that, as the name implies, makes your brain feel as if time is moving incredibly slow. Crime lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) controls the drug, and is making a play to take over the city. Only Judge Dredd (Urban) and the men and women of the Hall of Justice stand in her way.

‘Dredd’ appears to be influenced by a number of different genres, from sci-fi to straight-up prison break movies. One sequence seems to have been lifted right out of 'The Raid.' But at least Travis looks to have captured the renegade attitude of John Wagner’s futuristic graphic novel. Hopefully this will be cool enough to wipe away the memory of Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider’s (!!) version.

‘Dredd’ will be in theaters on Sept. 21. Until then, the negotiation’s are over, so here’s the new 'Dredd' trailer.