The diminishing creative returns of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and the outright failure of the Haunted Mansion movie almost certainly gave Disney pause on the long-gestating Jungle Cruise movie. This thing has been in development for ages. Then they went and did what any project in desperate need of a shot in the arm does – they cast Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now, the Fast and Furious star (and one of our most favorite people) has revealed the first tiny details about the project.

Johnson took to his Instagram page to commemorate his first meeting with the film’s writers, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (who recently wrote and directed Focus). The expression on Johnson’s face implies that the meeting went well:

The most intriguing details come in those hashtags. The Rock confirms Jungle Cruise will be a period piece set in the 1920s. And most importantly, Johnson will still be a good-looking fellow. We don’t know about you guy, but we’re totally down for The Rock to, uh, rock some old-timey fashions while he explores the jungle and fist-fights gorillas and does whatever else this movie will task him with doing.

A Jungle Cruise movie starring Dwayne Johnson initially sounds like an odd choice. The slow-moving, charmingly antiquated attraction seems like an odd match for the musclebound movie star who is so very good at punching and bodyslamming and driving stolen ambulances into aerial drones. However, the actual Jungle Cruise ride is defined by its skippers and their amazing/groan-worthy puns and bad jokes. Johnson is a big ‘ol dad joke wrapped in a couple hundred pounds of muscle. He’s the world’s fittest goofball. Hopefully, Johnson and his writers know that half of the appeal of the Jungle Cruise is its cornball humor and will write the main character accordingly. Make the adventure as real and dynamic as you want! Just find time for Johnson to dryly point out the backside of water.

Jungle Cruise doesn’t have a release date, but we imagine we’ll be hearing more about it soon enough.