A new gameplay trailer for Dying Light, the upcoming first-person horror game, has been released, prompting us to cling onto whatever daylight we can to try to stave off the night.

There are nearly 10 whole minutes of gameplay footage in this video, so steel yourself and jump into the action. The infected roaming the streets are pretty bad during the day, but traps that electrocute them make short work of them. Unfortunately, the streets are littered with them. And as slow and shambling as they are during the day, nighttime only serves to turn them into powerful death machines.

At first glance, the gameplay might look similar to something like Dead Island, especially given the tropical urban locale and open world nature of the areas in the trailer. Once night falls, however, it becomes a different game entirely and you must work hard to survive, running through the city with all of the speed you can muster and finding creative ways to traverse the streets, given that the infected are able to climb when pursuing you. Laying down traps ahead of time can help you survive, though you'll have to do it all again the following night.

Watch the trailer above and brace yourself for the pure rush of adrenaline coming your way. Dying Light will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014.