Techland is teaming with Warner Bros. Interactive for its first next generation console game, Dying Light. Set in a zombie infested world with a persistent day/night cycle, you'll have to do everything you can to survive.

Like many of Techland's debut trailers, we don't really see a lot of gameplay. This footage is all about setting up the mood and the world present in Dying Light. Will there be parkour moves on level with what's shown here? It's entirely possible. We won't know until we see the game in action.

According to Techland, during the night, zombies become more dangerous and deadly, and survival becomes even more of a challenge. The ultimate goal appears to be getting to the supply cache before other survivors, but it isn't really clear if this is a competitive multiplayer affair or not. There's a level of weapon customization present in the trailer as well, which is another hallmark of Techland's recent zombie titles.

We may find out more on Dying Light during E3, but Techland definitely has our attention. A Mirror's Edge-esque game with zombies? Yeah, that sounds like it might be something we're interested in.