Hold onto your butts isometric helicopter shooter fans. It looks like EA is readying a return to glory for the 16-bit Strike series, starting with Desert Strike.

A new trademark for Desert Strike was posted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (spotted by GamersPack), and as it's been filed by EA, it makes sense the filing is for use as electronic entertainment. For those of you who never had a Sega Genesis, SNES, et al, Desert Strike arrived in 1992 and sparked a series of sequels due to its popularity. The Strike series was last seen in 1997 with Nuclear Strike, which was released on the N64, PC and PlayStation.

The original games were all isometric helicopter shooters, which had missions where you'd have to fly around and blow stuff up. It was a little bit like Choplifter, but with more to see and do. There's no telling if this new trademark will see the same style of play return to the franchise, or if EA is kicking off a new series and relying on the name for nostalgic reasons. Vehicular shooters aren't exactly all the rage these days, but perhaps EA will start off a new trend.