If you aren't sick to death of disaster movies where millions of people die through no fault of their own, then have we got good news for you! Another natural disaster movie is on its way, and a writer has just been hired to make sure millions die in dramatic, and cinematic fashion.

According to Deadline, Oscar winning writer Dustin Lance Black, who penned 'Milk' and 'J.Edgar,' has now been attached to Universal Pictures' 'Earthquake,' being produced by J.J. Abrams. Universal also made the 1974 film with Charlton Heston about an earthquake that killed tons of people, but this isn't going to be a remake. How it won't be a remake since it also deals with a large earthquake killing tons of people is beyond us, but we're not as smart as the people in Hollywood.

This is great news for those of us living in California, who live in 24-hour fear of the big one swallowing us up whole. But, hey! Why not make a movie about the inevitable to get Californians to flock to the theater? No word on who they've hired to direct or star, but we're pretty sure John Cusack isn't doing anything.

Black is also currently adapting a Dark Horse graphic novel called '3 Story' that he also hopes to direct.

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