EA hadn't had much luck developing films based on its gaming franchises until it began developing scripts on its own. Now after successfully getting 'Need for Speed' up and running, the publisher is turning its eyes towards Dead Space.

According to Variety, EA has tapped Justin Marks ('Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li') to develop a script based on an original version from 'Europa Report' writer, Philip Gelatt. Neal Mortiz is still on tap to co-produce the film.

Patrick O’Brien, the man in charge of EA's film production branch, related EA is striving to follow a path similar to Ubisoft and its film adaptations. “We decided we have to pitch the projects as scripts,” O’Brien said. “EA was batting 0 for 5 before we began funding scripts. We’ve had our knocks in the studio system."

Before, EA would just approach studios with a plan, but now, the publisher is using its developed scripts to pitch the studios on possible projects. “You don’t want to go in with just an idea and be one of 200 projects," O'Brien added. "We decided we have to change the model and go in with a script.”

Don't think that the movie will just follow the events of the game though, as O'Brien challenged that EA is looking for new takes on the existing mythologies. “You would be making ‘Event Horizon’ or ‘Alien,’” O'Brien said. “I’ve already seen that movie.”

What do you think of EA's movie plans? Will Dead Space work as a feature film?