Back when we were on the set of 'Need for Speed,' we were blown away by the stunt work from the production team and Aaron Paul himself, who learned a bit of drag racing for the role. Now you can preview some of what you'll see on this front come release time with these new 'Need for Speed' clips.

In 'Need for Speed,' Paul stars alongside Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Michael KeatonDakota Johnson and Kid Cudi as Tobey Marshall, a man who's framed for a crime by a villainous businessman and enlists himself in a cross-country race to seek revenge, all the while dodging cops and bounty hunters on the side. Yes, it does seem like a wild ride, but if anything you'll want to stick it out to see the stunts.

Yahoo Movies debuted one of the new 'Need for Speed' clips (shown above), while DreamWorks released a few others, featuring a few members of the cast. And, yes, Michael Keaton is following up his role in the less-than stellar 'RoboCop' remake with this role as the charismatic Monarch, who shouts things like, "This is gettin' good!"

'Need for Speed' hits theaters March 14, and you can preview the action to come in the clips (above and below).

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