Imagine you were to form a cinema nerd supergroup. Wouldn't you want Edgar Wright and J.J. Abrams in the mix? Well the two are working together on 'Collider' which Abrams will be producing, and Wright came up with the story. The script is being handled by Mark Protosevitch, who's probably best known for penning 'I Am Legend.'

This comes from Badass Digest, who note that no plot details have emerged, but it still sounds promising anyway. And with Abrams behind it, it's likely few details will emerge at all. The inside baseball of this is that there is a movie news website also named Collider, so expect a number of jokes about that (and we've already made a couple).

There is some word that Wright might also direct the film. With 'The World's End' about to start shooting, and with 'Ant-Man' and 'The Night Stalker' on his plate, this seems unlikely unless one of those future projects falls apart, or if this can wait until 2015 or so. Wright's Comic-Con presentation of his 'Ant-Man' footage went over like gangbusters (even if that's the perfect crowd for it), so we'd be surprised if Marvel doesn't want to get moving forward with that film. We'll keep you posted on this one.