Even though 'Elementary's producers originally teased that Sherlock Holmes' iconic nemesis James Moriarty would be reserved for a later season, this past week's "M." officially introduced the character into the CBS' series canon when guest star Vinnie Jones heralded his coming as the sinister Sebastian Moran. So with Sherlock's greatest nemesis waiting in the wings, how will the rest of the season play out? Will we meet the famous villain before 'Elementary's first season end? Find out the latest on 'Elementary's Moriarty inside!

Now that last week's "M." conclusively put the name out there, 'Elementary' has left no doubt that Moriarty will soon come to menace Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes. More than that it seems, the introduction of Moriarty into the CBS series will also bring with it an element of serialization, and less stand-alone episodes and cases.

“I foresee us getting a bit more serialized as we get into an end run this first season,” executive producer Rob Doherty said at the 'Elementary' TCA press tour panel. “We’ll still look to have a case that begins and ends over the course of a single hour of television. But you want to dollop Moriarty out appropriately. And we have a strong sense of what we want to do. But, yes, as we get closer and closer to wrapping the season there will be a bit more serialization.”

Of course, Doherty was mum on who might eventually take the iconic role, though he did tease that the series would quietly shop for "a tremendous actor" to eventually be revealed to fans of the modern-day Sherlock Holmes tale. At the very least, the season will soon introduce former 'Spartacus' star John Hannah as Holmes' London drug dealer.

Well, what say you? Who do you think could take the role of 'Elementary's Moriarty, and how should he be introduced? Give us your picks and predictions in the comments.