After spending the past few years writing, acting, producing, hanging out and generally doing everything but directing, director Eli Roth is set to return behind cameras for an all-new original horror film titled 'The Green Inferno.' No details about the film's plot were given but let's see what we can find out about this new project...

Roth co-wrote the script for the film with Guillermo Amoedo based on an original idea he had while traveling in Chile (and, true to form, the project will film there this fall). But all we know about the film is it's cryptic title 'The Green Inferno.'

As it turns out, that may be enough information to at least figure out what's going on.

'The Green Inferno' was an alternate title for 'Natura Contro' or 'Cannibal Holocaust 2' as it was known in the United States. Coincidentally enough, Roth is wearing a 'Cannibal Holocaust' t-shirt in the photo above. The film has a cult following among die-hard horror fans and is a mondo-style look at cannibals in the Amazon.

If 'Green Inferno' is truly an "original idea" we can dismiss the idea of a remake but expect Roth's film to be some kind of take on the old shockumentary cannibal genre (think 'Hostel' but in South America and with cannibals).

Roth is currently producing the Netflix original series 'Hemlock Grove' and co-wrote and starred in the upcoming thriller 'Aftershock.'