Of all the new network shows premiering this Fall, 'Revolution' surely looks the most ambitious. An epic science fiction tale from the guys behind 'Lost' and 'Supernatural'? What is there not to be excited about? The trailers for 'Revolution' -- which takes place in a world where electricity has mysteriously ceased to be, sending the entire planet into a post-apocalyptic tailspin -- definitely look promising.

Elizabeth Mitchell (known to TV fans as Juliet on 'Lost') joining the cast certainly doesn't hurt.

Mitchell will be playing the role of  Rachel Matheson, mother to two of the series protagonists, Charlie and Danny. The character was played by another actress in the pilot, but it looks like the producers decided the role needed a little more star power and the character's scenes will be reshot. Deadline says that her character is expected to appear in a number of flashbacks in addition to her time in the pilot, which suggests that Rachel Matheson may not be long for this world.

Mitchell was one of the best actresses on 'Lost' (quite a feat considering the quality of that cast) and it was a shame to see her waste her time starring in the hopelessly bland 'V' remake for two seasons. We don't know how large her role in 'Revolution' is, but her casting is just another reason to tune into what looks like one of the coolest shows of 2012.