'Revolution''s first NBC season brought with it several 'Supernatural' reunions, in pairing stars Mark Pellegrino, Todd Stashwick and Colin Ford with original 'Supernatural' creator and 'Revolution showrunner Eric Kripke. Now, the second season of NBC's 'Revolution'-ary sci-fi thriller brings the biggest 'Supernatural' vet yet, tasking Jim Beaver for an intriguing new role!

Via TVLine, Beaver will first appear in October episode “One Riot, One Ranger” as John Franklin Fry, “a hard-ass, whip smart Texas Ranger who allies with Miles.” The episode will also mark the debut of former 'Supernatural' writer Ben Edlund with his first 'Revolution' credit.

If Beaver looks at all familiar beyond his 'Supernatural' history as Bobby Singer (one soon revisited), the actor also played a large role in the most recent season of 'Justified,' and has earned credits in everything from the previous 'Dexter' season to a recurring role on 'Breaking Bad.'

The sophomore season of ‘Revolution’ will debut in its new Wednesday time slot at 8:00 P.M. on September 25, including such guest stars as 'Falling Skies' and '7th Heaven' star Stephen Collins, and 'Rubicon' vet Jessica Collins. Watch the latest trailer below, and tell us what you most hope to see from the electric thriller’s second year in the comments!

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