Terminator: Genisys, the fifth Terminator film that was supposed to reboot the franchise for a new generation, completely fizzled out last summer. The film made only $89 million total at the domestic box-office (by comparison, Inside Out made more than on its opening weekend). Genisys was planned to be the first part of a new trilogy with the end of the film even setting up future sequels, but audiences answered with a resounding no thanks. Add one more voice to the chorus of people who don’t want to see a Terminator: Genisys sequel and that’s Terminator: Genisys star Emilia Clarke.

Clarke was asked by Coming Soon about her desire to return for future Terminator movies and, despite being under contract for multiple sequels, the actress was completely honest.

No. Can I say that? It’s okay. No. Uh-uh. But I have some very different roles coming up.

“Can I say that?” Normally throwing a giant wet blanket on the potential sequel of your major film franchise would be a no-no, but in this case, it looks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s promise may finally be broken: he really won’t be back. Back in October of last year it was reported that any future Terminator sequels were on hold “indefinitely.” Genisys producer Dana Goldberg walked back that statement saying that the sequels weren’t canceled, they were just “re-adjusting” based on the fact that no one wanted to see the universe they had planned. Either way, Paramount has officially removed the film from its release calendar (it was originally scheduled for a May 2017 date). And with even the film’s star pleading for a swift end, it may be time to say goodbye.

Clarke does indeed have other projects in the works including, most obviously, Season 6 of Game of Thrones and the upcoming romantic comedy Me Before You. Her desire to branch out is understandable considering that the actress she was battling with to land the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys was Brie Larson, who lost the role but went on to win an Oscar.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the new host of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC this fall.

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