A job posting on Epic's official site reveals the developer is working on a brand-new competitive online game for next generation platforms.

Epic is looking for a senior system designer to work on one of two games: the untitled new entry and Fortnite. We already know a bit about Fortnite, Epic's answer to the Minecraft phenomenon (in short), but this new title sounds just as interesting, and more in line with what we've been seeing from Epic Games this past generation.

According to the listing, the applicant will be working to help design an online game featuring "player progression, heavy itemization, and a dynamic economy." The person hired will help shape the rules and content of the game, and is expected to have at least some experience with shooters, MMOs, RPGs or RTS games.

It'll likely be some time until we learn more about this mystery project as it sounds like Epic is just beginning to put the game together. Perhaps in the next year we'll have a better idea of what to expect, but the possibilities are seemingly endless at this point. What do you think Epic has in store, a new Gears or Unreal title, or something wholly new and different?