The 2013 Sundance Film Festival has barely even started and a potentially controversial and unreleasable film has already reared its head. That film is 'Escape From Tomorrow,' a tiny indie that was filmed almost entirely in Florida's Walt Disney World...without permits. While Disney lawyers descend upon Park City, you can watch a clip from the instantly infamous film below.

Director Randy Moore and his tiny crew shot the entire film on DSLR cameras, using the crowds and attractions of the Happiest Place of Earth as an ironic background for a surreal, pitch black tale about a man who learns that he's lost his job on the last day of a family vacation. 'Escape From Tomorrow' supposedly goes to extremely unsettling places and puts the Disney brand into horrifying contexts...which means that it probably doesn't have a chance in hell of getting real distribution since everyone is going to fear the wrath of the world's biggest entertainment company. But that doesn't mean we can't be absolutely fascinated by the very concept of the project.

Embedded below is a clip context-free clip from the film, which shows off the surprisingly slick black and white digital cinematography and little else. Still, its more than enough to get us intrigued -- how could you read what this film is about and not want to see it?