It's the ultimate showdown, Sylvester Stallone vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'Escape Plan,' starring both of these action movie giants, has debuted a clip pitting these two against each other. So who will win out, and who "fights like a vegetarian"?

Of course, 'Escape Plan' actually sees Sly and Arnold teaming up to take down one of the most impenetrable prisons that Sly's character, Ray Breslin, designed himself. This "Fight Favor," as the clip is called, is just an act in order to infiltrate the facility's isolation section. Still, fans will get a kick out of seeing them duke it out, especially when they take it too far.

Directed by Mikael Håfström, 'Escape Plan' follows a structural-security authority (played by Stallone), who finds himself locked away in the very prison he helped build. In order to escape and bring whoever put him there to justice, he must team up with one of the inmates (played by Schwarzenegger).

Aside from 'Escape Plan,' which will be released on October 18, neither of these action stars are showing any signs of slowing down. Stallone's got 'Grudge Match' with Robert De Niro, a 'Rambo' TV series he's producing, 'The Expendables 3' and reportedly an appearance in 'Creed,' the upcoming next installment of the 'Rocky' franchise. As for Schwarzenegger, he'll be seen in 'Terminator 5' in an unknown capacity, the new 'Legend of Conan' film, zombie movie 'Maggie,' and he'll also pop up in 'The Expendables 3.' Apparently the best never rest.