There are a million reasons why an 'Evil Dead' remake shouldn't work. So many, in fact, we won't even start listing them all here. And yet this 'Evil Dead' remake is still a success (read our 'Evil Dead' review here). How is that possible? And how did they do it without the help of CGI, which is far-too-prevalent in horror movies these days? We sat down with director Fede Alvarez, producer Rob Tabert and a guy you might have heard of named Bruce Campbell, to talk about remaking one of the most beloved horror movies of all time.

On the morning after the big 'Evil Dead' premiere, we sat down with Fede, Rob and Bruce to talk about the raucous reception to their film the night before. Here's a quick rundown of just some of topics we touched on in our interview.

1:15 - Why was this remake so successful?
2:30 - What convinced Alvarez to take this job?
3:45 - The lack of CGI used in the film
5:45 - Have they spoken with star Jane Levy about returning for 'Evil Dead 2' yet?

Watch our exclusive 'Evil Dead' interview below and make sure you check the film out in theaters now.

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