Vigilantism takes the spooky route in the new comedic horror film 'The Revenant.' Check out this brand new clip in which we're introduced to our two protagonists and the mysterious meaning of the "dark gift" is pondered.

'The Revenant' isn't exactly a new film -- it was a festival favorite when it played Fantastic Fest in Austin a few years back, but now it's finally made its way to the big screen and hits theaters tomorrow!

Directed by D. Kerry Prior, 'The Revenant' follows a former soldier in Los Angeles who is cursed -- or maybe blessed -- with becoming one of the undead. He hooks up with his old buddy and starts doling out punishment to drug dealers and murderers in order to serve the city while also collecting the blood he needs to stay (un)living.

In this new clip from the film, stars David Anders ('Once Upon a Time') and Chris Wylde check out a local news broadcast that questions the discovery of dead bodies, apparently drained of blood, and Wylde asks his buddy to give him the "dark gift," whatever that means.

The film hits theaters in limited release tomorrow, August 24, so check your local listings for more information on how you can see 'The Revenant.'

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