Have you ever compared 'Rambo' and 'Rocky' star Sylvester Stallone to Jesus Christ? You have? Then this new ‘Expendables 2’ poster might be perfect for a wall in your home.

Seeing as how Lionsgate is running out of innovative ways to showcase the staggering number of action heroes that will appear in Stallone’s sequel (directed by Simon West), the studio has decided to stage a Last Supper-inspired poster with Sly seated in the central Jesus slot and his ‘Expendables’ cohorts standing in as heavily armed Apostles.

As EW.com points out, Dolph Lundgren is perched in the Judas seat (which makes total sense, seeing as how he betrayed his Expendables comrades in the first movie). And I love the way the cast is bookended by action icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. That just feels right … even if it’s little more than a clever bit of Photoshopping.

All that’s left is for us to be able to see the actual film, which doesn’t happen until Aug. 17. So break bread, imagine yourself as a member of Stallone’s Last Supper, and bide your time until these action heroes are riddling the bodies of enemies with bullets, all in the name of vengeance.

Here’s the poster: