Back when Sylvester Stallone first floated the idea of getting the gang back together for ‘The Expendables 2,' fans took to the Internet to complain that Lionsgate would try and water down the gratuitous violence to achieve an audience-friendly PG-13 rating. Well, put your minds at ease, gore-heads, for the upcoming ‘The Expendables 2’ officially has received an R rating from the MPAA. Want to know what it did to earn such a rating?

'The Expendables 2' was rated-R for strong violence, language and brief sexuality (the original film was rated-R for "strong action and bloody violence throughout, and for some language" so they've just combined "strong action" and bloody violence" for "strong violence"...). All of us could have guessed this already. It’s an ‘Expendables’ sequel, not a viral video starring adorable kittens. It’s the amount of violence and language that’s going to tip the scales, and it sounds like Stallone and his ever-growing crew will be dishing out the pain once again.

Simon West directs this sequel, which will send Barney (Stallone) on another mission for the mysterious Mr. Church (Bruce Willis). Unfortunately, Stallone loses a man on the job, turning ‘Expendables 2’ into a vengeance quest in some of the world’s nastiest hell holes.

'The Expendables 2' hits theaters on August 17.