About a month ago, Sylvester Stallone started working on the script for 'Expendables 3' which he said needed "new blood and new humor." How about this for new blood? Stallone is floating the name of an Oscar-winning director for 'Expendables 3'...Mr. Mel Gibson.

Stallone took to his Twitter feed and threw out a completely random question to his followers:

but seriously , what about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES 3? Opinions anyone ? Curious.....

Now if there is anything to this other than Stallone's chatter on Twitter, we don't know. He could just be feeling out the fans to see if they'd support the idea of having Mel Gibson, still a rather controversial figure, direct 'Expendables 3.' Or, he could have actually had some conversations with Gibson about the idea. Remember, there have been some wild 'Expendables 3' rumors including Harrison Ford, Nic Cage and Clint Eastwood joining the cast though none have been confirmed and all seem like longshots.

Gibson, who won a Best Director Oscar for 'Braveheart,' hasn't directed a film since 2006's 'Apocalypto.' And before you think 'Expendables 3' would be beneath an actor like Gibson, remember he's starring as the bad guy in 'Machete Kills' so maybe 'Expendables 3' would be right up his alley.

If Stallone is actually thinking about hiring Mel Gibson to direct 'Expendables 3' or is just theorizing on Twitter, would you support Mel Gibson if he were going to direct 'Expendables 3?' If not, why, and who would you like to see direct the film?