Guillermo del Toro’s an obsessive by his very nature; this is a large part of what makes his films so wonderful. He throws all of himself into his each and every production, sparing no expense on the finer details and seeing his process through from the earliest phases of pre-production through to the premiere. He’s currently deep in the rollout of his latest film The Shape of Waterand as that sci-fi/romance sets out on the fall festival circuit, it’s begun to monopolize del Toro’s time. This has necessitated some rejiggering of his schedule, and today brings the news that he’s postponing one of his most intriguing projects.

Deadline reported last night that del Toro’s planned adaptation of Fantastic Voyage has been pushed back approximately a year, so that the director can focus on promoting The Shape of Water prior to its release on December 8. The item details the original plan to get pre-production going in spring of 2018 in the hopes of a release during holiday season 2019, but the new plan will delay production until early 2019, in the expectation that we’ll undertake this voyage come 2020. Of course, this plan all operates from the premise that filmmaking, America, and Earth will all still be a thing by 2020, which feels like a rather bold presumption at this point.

The original Fantastic Voyage was a 1966 sci-fi picture about a crew of adventurers that shrink down and enter the bloodstream of a scientist, with the mission of making their way to his brain and repairing neurological damage. It‘s a great time, and a personal favorite of G.D.T. for good reason. His adaptation’s a ways off, but his fans have learned that their patience always gets rewarded.

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