Okay 'Doctor Who' fans, before you start getting too excited let's just explain one thing right away; this is only a rumor. But to have David Tennant alongside Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Not sure if people would be able to handle that much greatness on one screen. It may be a bit too much.

The gumshoes over at Latino Review broke the scoop, reporting that the latest 'Fast Six' rumor involves David Tennant possibly joining the new Justin Lin movie. It's unclear whether or not he'd be a villain, especially since there's already talk of Luke Evans taking on the main villain role. The rest of the cast includes Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Gina Carano, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson, just to name a few.

Maybe Tennant would be the right hand man to Luke Evans' character if he actually does end up being cast? If so that'd be great, especially given the fact that the only other way we've been exposed to David Tennant out here in the States, aside from 'Doctor Who,' is his performance in the 'Fright Night' remake.

'Fast Six' is said to begin filming this month, which means that if Tennant was to be part of this movie he would more than likely have a small role. But if you want your 10th Doctor fix now, you can always watch his seasons of 'Doctor Who' on Netflix Instant Watch or hear him voice the cowardly but cute Charles Darwin in 'Pirates! Band of Misfits,' out in theaters now.