We’re dangerously close to exiting 2017 without any sense of when Jessica Jones will return for Season 2. Thankfully, our #BestDefender dropped off an early Christmas present with a first official photo from the season, along with new intel on the “pretty dark headspace” we find the character in. Plus … did someone say “Infinity War”?

Entertainment Weekly released our first official – and vaguely spoiler-y – photo from Jessica Jones Season 2, as David Tennant’s Kilgrave returns to do what he does best: Get in Jessica’s head. We’ve long known the character would be back, but showrunner Melissa Rosenberg would only offer of his return that “he’s such a part of her construction and her dilemma. I think just having him come back and be that mirror again is really important.”

But wait! There’s more. Krysten Ritter likened Season 2 to more of an “emotional thriller” than a psychological one, while Rosenberg hinted that Jessica’s pre-Kilgrave past will end up in the spotlight:

In season 1, we focused on Jessica’s trauma, on Jessica facing her abuser, but in season 2, we wanted to go even deeper than that. As you’ve seen in season 1, she was somewhat of a mess even before Kilgrave came into her life, so it was really just about digging deeper into this chaos and peeling back those layers, just going to the core of her being. That was our objective.

Rosenberg also noted that Season 2 would focus a bit more on Carrie-Anne Moss’ Hogarth, Rachael Taylor’s Trish and Eka Darville’s Malcolm, while largely ignoring the “blip” that was the week Jessica spent as a Defender. Oh, and don’t expect too much Infinity War crossover either, even as that first trailer very prominently teased another “Incident” in Manhattan’s future:

[No interaction] whatsoever. Our partners are Marvel, and if we’re doing something that’s counter to [their continuity], they would pull us back or orient us on the right path, so clearly we’re [okay]. But we’re very much in our own world.

Oh well. We’ll always have our fanfic of Jessica Jones smack-talking Thanos. In the meantime, stay tuned for further details of the second season in 2018, and watch all episodes of Jessica Jones currently on Netflix.

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