This January, NBC announced that it would not air an episode of 'Fear Factor' that included contestants drinking donkey, um, bodily fluids. The stunt was approved, filmed and scheduled to air but just days before it was scheduled to air, NBC and parent company Comcast decided 'Fear Factor' went too far. But now you can watch what NBC didn't want you to see (if you can stomach it)...

Though NBC wouldn't air the clip, a Dutch channel had no problem with the footage, which involves three pairs of contestants (two of which, are bikini-clad girls) chugging donkey semen and washing it down with donkey urine.


At the time, even host Joe Rogan admits he couldn't believe what was going on saying of the stunt, "There's no way. That's not really gonna happen...There's gonna be a lot of people that are going to be upset -- it really is ridiculous."

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt was in fact upset and said in January (after NBC had already promoted the episode), "I reviewed the episode late last week and decided it was a segment we should not air."

The replacement episode that aired was the last 'Fear Factor' episode NBC would air amid speculation the network would cancel the show.  And while NBC never meant for you to see the episode this is the internet and nothing is lost forever as a YouTube version of the Dutch airing of the donkey episode has made its way online. And, if you're so inclined, you can watch it below.

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