The dust has barely settled on The Walking Dead Season 6's midpoint, its future looking darker than ever, so how about some sun? Companion series Fear The Walking Dead has begun production on Season 2, which may move the setting to good ol’ sunny, dusty Baja, Mexico.

AMC announced that Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 has moved operations to Baja Studios in Mexico, site of seaward filming for the likes of Titanic and Master & Commander. It isn’t entirely clear if the story itself will move to Mexico, even as the first finale pitched heading south by boat, though showrunner Dave Erickson offers:

We are thrilled to be starting production and even more thrilled to be shooting in Mexico. Baja Studios has been home to some of the greatest ocean-set films in recent years and provides all the creative resources we need to begin this new chapter in the ‘Fear’ saga. We couldn’t be happier.

AMC too offered a fresh description of Season 2, which itself will premiere in the spring and expand to 15 episodes:

Season one left off with Madison (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis) and their extended family taking temporary shelter in Strand’s (Colman Domingo) gated estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean. As civil unrest continues to grow and the dead take over Los Angeles, Strand prepares to escape to “Abigail,” his large yacht moored offshore.

We’ll learn more as production commences (and presumably adds a new character from this Flight 462 business), but will Fear The Walking Dead continually distinguish itself in Season 2 by a trip to Mexico, or perhaps oceanic setting?

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