The Walking Dead may have signed off for 2015 after Sunday’s disappointing “Start to Finish” finale, but the future may yet redeem our midseason break. Forget February, our first look at The Walking Dead’s 2016 premiere has arrived, including the first tease of our new big bad, Negan!

You’re warned of a few literary Walking Dead spoilers from here on out, as well as Season 6 midseason finale “Start to Finish,” but while Rick and co. have plenty to deal with back in Alexandria, it seems Daryl, Sasha and Abraham have ushered in a new threat. Following a cryptic end to their outlying “Always Accountable” episode, our first look at The Walking Dead’s February 2016 premiere finally namedrops our new big bad.

Following the mysterious “help” call (that turned out to be Eugene), the trio happened upon a well-armed, leather-clad biker group blocking the road, who demanded not only that Daryl and his team lay down arms, but also that everything they possess belongs to “Negan.”

Why don’t you come on out? Join us in the road. You know, if you want to resist, try something. It’s a choice, I guess. But we will end your asses. Split you right in two, straight through to the sinuses … Your weapons, your truck, the fuel in your truck, if you got mints in your glove compartment, if you got corn underneath the seat, change in the seats, hell, the seats themselves, the floor mats, your maps, little stash of emergency napkins you got there in the console. None of those things are yours anymore … Your property now belongs to Negan.

Understandably, the comic inclined among us recognize said group as the “Saviors,” though it remains somewhat uncertain if the new foes represent the same seen in the woods, even as AMC treads around confirming a major comic character therein.

In either case, we’ll have to wait until February to see how Daryl, Sasha and Abraham deal with their new friends, so check out the “prologue” above, and stay tuned for the latest from The Walking Dead Season 6's 2016 return.

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