If you’re a regular Elle reader (or if you keep up with sites like Longform), then you’ve probably read or at least recognize the Supermodel Snowpocalypse story from earlier this year. It’s one of the craziest, funniest and weirdest true stories you’ll ever read, made all the more humorous by the fact that the details of the wild and wintry tale were kept from the public since 1977. Thanks to Paul Feig, that story is about to reach a much, much bigger audience.

THR reports that Feig has teamed with Paramount to produce an adaptation of Supermodel Snowpocalypse, Mickey Rapkin’s engrossing story from the February 2016 issue of Elle magazine. Subtitled “The epic, never-before-told story behind possibly the greatest fashion emergency in history and a daring, near-deadly escape​,” Rapkin’s article tells of two women, four models (including the iconic Jerry Hall), a photographer, a few ad executives and a near-mythical trip to Chile. 

Trapped by a snowstorm during a photo shoot and left without access to phones, the group did the only thing they could do, and in keeping with the excess of the ’70s, they met up with some locals and partied their faces off. It wasn’t until about a week later that the group came to their senses and concocted a crazy escape plan.

Feig most recently directed the Ghostbusters reboot for Sony and is producing Amy Schumer’s upcoming mother / daughter action-comedy co-starring Goldie Hawn.