Once upon a time, 'Fight Club' was a moderately successful book and a modestly successful movie. Now, the book and the movie (especially the movie) have become vital components of 21st century culture, with many maintaining that the film represents a high point in the career of director David Fincher. However, original author Chuck Palahniuk is looking to reclaim his title as the real mastermind behind 'Fight Club' with the upcoming 'Fight Club 2,' which won't be a film or a book, but a 10-issue comic book series published by Dark Horse and drawn by Cameron Stewart.

Our friends over at Comics Alliance caught up with Mr. Palahniuk at Comic-Con and his project sounds intriguing, to say the least. You can watch the whole interview for yourself in the embed above, but here are the highlights (in case you're in a hurry or something):

  • 'Fight Club 2' is set 10 years after the events of the original book. The Narrator is suppressing his Tyler Durden personality with the help of drugs, but he's failing as a father and a husband. Eventually. Tyler starts to resurface...
  • Palahniuk chose to make his sequel as a comic because he didn't want anyone to directly compare it to the original novel or the film. This way, it can stand on its own.
  • Palahniuk chose to work with Dark Horse because they're headquartered close to his home and he knew he'd need help learning how to make a great comic. He selected Stewart to be his artist because he enjoyed his "punk aesthetic" and knew he could depict awful things without alienating readers.
  • Although he won't describe his sequel as supernatural, Palahniuk suggests that Tyler Durden may be a malevolent force that's existed for millennia, destroying every family that he/it comes in contact with.

The first issue of 'Fight Club 2' is scheduled to hit shelves in May 2015.

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