A teaser trailer for Ninja Theory's first mobile game, Fightback, was unveiled during E3 2013. If you're a fan of '80s-styled beat 'em ups, then you'll want to don a cut-off t-shirt and jump out of a building while wielding uzis for this.

Everything in the trailer just reeks of the glorious action-movie era of the '80s. The main character even looks like a clone of John McClane infused with bits of Duke Nukem. The best part is this hulking slab of muscle walks around with shotguns and wears sunglasses, making him the most badass dude we've seen in any mobile game.

The graphics look pretty damn good and are almost console-quality, although that console would probably be the PlayStation 2. Still, the brawling action is nothing to scoff at, and the inclusion of action flick staples such as seedy environments and ridiculous weapons is enough to entice us.

Watch the trailer above and share your thoughts on this upcoming mobile game.