Teleporters, behemoths and Leviathan, oh my. Final Fantasy 13 Versus is gone, and Final Fantasy 15 has officially taken its place. Will Square Enix try to atone for the missteps of FF13? Watch its E3 trailer and be amazed by the new combat system.

Abandoning the Paradigm Shift system of Final Fantasy 13, and taking a page straight out of Kingdom Hearts, FF15 focuses on action-RPG gameplay. Speaking of which, there is an evil-looking old man that can apparently summon floating swords to attack (Ansem?). Noctis, the protagonist of this installment, has the ability to teleport, which leads to some breathtaking action sequences seen in the trailer. The mentioning of crystals, fighting behemoths and a towering Leviathan tells us that this game could be Square Enix's attempt at unifying both the new school with the old in this amazing looking game.

While we can't wait to party with Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis in order to save the crystals, no release date has been set for Final Fantasy 15 (though we would expect mid-to-late 2014). However, it has been confirmed for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.