A series of clips from the upcoming 'Alex Cross' have been released and they're more than a little perplexing. What kind of movie is this? What's going on? What kind of performances are stars Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox giving? Is this all a bad dream? Where's Madea?

Okay, that will be the only Madea joke in this post. Promise.

In all seriousness, these seven clips from director Rob 'XXX' Cohen's attempt to kickstart a new franchise (compiled and embedded courtesy of Collider) represent some of strangest footage we've seen in all of 2012. As unfair as it is to judge a movie based entirely on out-of-context clips that probably aren't even in the proper order, there's enough terrible/awesome things happening here to make it look like a must-see for fans of all things awful.

Can we talk about the absurd action scene involving ultra-slow-motion and a lot of broken glass? Can we talk about Tyler Perry looking about as out of place as a shotgun toting action hero as anyone in the history of cinema? Can we talk about Matthew Fox's decision to play his psychotic serial killer as a riff on Dustin Hoffman in 'Rain Man'? Can we talk about the two clips where Perry's Alex Cross is scolded by his mother?

James Patterson's Alex Cross novels live on the low end of airport fiction, so a totally mediocre film wouldn't have been a surprise. But this? This looks like it could be uniquely awful. 'Alex Cross' opens on October 19th and if the comedy duo of Perry and Fox can make the whole thing worth enduring, we'll be there on opening night.

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