Edgar Ramirez wants an Oscar, right? Because the role of Simón Bolívar is the kind of part that could win an actor many a golden trophy. The first still from the upcoming 'Libertador' is online, giving us a first look at one of the most talented actors working today playing one of the most important men in Latin American history. Check it out below.

Directed by Alberto Arvelo Mendoza and set for release in 2013, 'Libertador' will follow the life of Bolívar, who was a vital military leader in the revolutions that overthrew Spanish rule in South America (and an equally important politician when the fighting was over). Ramirez's look in the film is far cry from the typical portraits of the man, which tended to emphasize his post-war status as a leader rather than a scrappy revolutionary.

First Look at Edgar Ramirez in Libertador

This is the second time Ramirez has played a notable Venezuelan, following his stunning performance as Carlos the Jackal in 'Carlos.' Although Ramirez could easily make a career out of standard Hollywood work, he's far too talented to forever play henchmen ('The Bourne Ultimatum'), sidekicks ('Domino') and Greek gods ('Wrath of the Titans'). When you're as magnetic on screen as Ramirez, you practically beg to be the focus of a film. Thankfully, 'Libertador' seems to promise just that.

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