After it's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, 'Cloud Atlas' left audiences clearly divided between the people who loved it and the people who hated it (and the handful of people who found themselves somewhere in the middle). However, those who loved it really loved it, as evidenced by the praise showered upon the film in the film's new TV spot.

How do you sell a movie like 'Cloud Atlas' in tiny edited-for-TV bite? With great difficulty. In only thirty three seconds, this ad has to touch on the film's massive cast and six storylines and it doesn't do that bad of a job. However, this begs a question that must be giving the Warner Bros. marketing team massive migraines on a daily basis: how do you convince people half-watching commercials during 'American Idol' to see a three hour, experimental sci-fi epic?

The sad truth is that you probably don't. Even with all of that critical praise, it's tough to imagine 'Cloud Atlas' being a hit, particularly since the trailer seems to be giving YouTube commenters headaches. What do you think? Do you plan to see 'Cloud Atlas'? What would it take to convince you?

And while you're here, you can also watch the complete press conference for the film from the TIFF (via The Film Stage).

'Cloud Atlas' opens on October 26, where it looks prepared to cleanly divide audiences down the middle.