It’s been a very big week for Star Wars fans, to say the least. In addition to seeing the first wave of new toys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (did you buy Sphero’s BB-8 yet?!) and hearing what some of the characters will sound like in the film (surprise: Adam Driver sounds like Adam Driver), Disney and Lucasfilm have also announced when we’ll get to hear John Williams’ new score for the film.

You can now pre-order the full The Force Awakens score composed by the legendary John Williams at the Disney Music Emporium site — but it won’t be available until December 18, the same day The Force Awakens hits theaters. It’s become fairly common for film scores and soundtracks to hit shelves and streaming services ahead of the film’s actual release date, allowing fans the chance to experience the music ahead of time.

But some fans (Disney and Lucasfilm too, apparently) view this as its own form of “spoilers.” We are meant to hear the music for the first time in the context of the film, each piece intended to be heard in the order dictated not only by narrative, but also by the composer and / or music supervisor. Obviously Williams’ score doesn’t contain any dialogue that would spoil the film for you, but oftentimes these tracks are given titles that pertain — mostly in vague terms — to the plot. These track titles won’t make sense until you see the film, and while we’re all antsy for new Star Wars-anything, wouldn’t you rather experience Williams’ score for the first time when you see the actual film?

At any rate, you can pre-order the score right now if you wish, or you can save that money in your BB-8 savings account — aka the jar on top of your fridge where you’re putting all your spare change until you can afford that adorable little robot.