Oh boy. #PeakTV has far from outpaced the core broadcast networks altogether, but darn it all, if mainstream TV doesn’t occasionally rely on laughably dated spins of a classic tale. This time around, FOX has in mind to re-envision the classic King Arthur legend as (what else) cop drama Camelot, with some surprising twists.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the FOX pitch, specifically listing The Jackal Group’s Gail Berman and Joe Earley to develop Camelot, with writers Dan Frey and Ru Sommer on the pilot. Never mind pop culture’s current King Arthur fascination, from Guy Ritchie to Transformers, so says THR of the pitch:

The drama, which landed at Fox in a competitive situation with a script plus penalty commitment, reimagines the legendary stories of King Arthur in a police procedural. When an ancient magic reawakens in modern-day Manhattan, a graffiti artist named Art must team with his best friend Lance and his ex, Gwen — an idealistic cop — in order to realize his destiny and fight back against the evil forces that threaten the city.

A graffiti artist named “Art.” Good grief. Development is development, as there’s every chance FOX walks back or re-imagines Camelot with a less burdened premise, but could the network get lucky with its latest adaptation?

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