Well, we suppose if the process of adapting UK series for American audiences could bring us nine (mostly) loveable seasons of NBC's 'The Office,' we shouldn't get so up in arms when another UK classic gets put up for the Colonial experience. 'Gavin & Stacey' is the next crown jewel being eyed by the American FOX network, having previously been attempted by ABC in 2009. So, who's writing the new version and how does it differ from the old?

The UK adaptation train keeps a rolling, as The Hollywood Reporter has announced that FOX will next adapt UK romantic comedy series 'Gavin & Stacey,' the three-series tale of a couple working to maintain their long-distance relationship. Written by 'I Just Want My Pants Back' scribe David Rosen and produced by original series creators, writers and co-stars James Corden and Ruth Jones, FOX's rendition will take a slightly different approach to the material.

According to THR, the FOX incarnation of 'Gavin & Stacey' will focus on the "key life moments of the title characters as they try to maintain their relationship while combining their polarizing families' lives." Having played the titular character's friends in the original version, Corden and Jones will not have an onscreen role in the adaptation.

Previously, ABC failed in 2009 to adapt the series, but will FOX fare better? Do you think 'Gavin & Stacey' could work for American audiences with a slightly modified premise? Check out a clip from the UK series below.