Back in the days of yore, or at least 2014, FOX tapped Lord and Miller to reboot 1981 Stephen J. Cannell classic The Greatest American Hero for a new series, though plans seem to have lost steam, until now. Believe it or not, the reboot will walk on air a second time, as FOX issues a pilot production commitment with a new writer.

Per Deadline, Lord and Miller will retain their producing credit, this time partnering with Dope writer-director Rick Famuyiwa and Cannell’s daughter, television director Tawnia McKiernan. Last time around, 22 Jump Street alum Rodney Rothman wrote the pilot, while Famuyiwa’s basic synopsis reads:

Greatest American Hero is the story of what happens when great power is not met with great responsibility. An ordinary man, completely content with being average, wakes up with a superpower suit he never asked for and has to deal with the complications it brings his life.

For those unfamiliar with the original two-season William Katt series, ABC’s Greatest American Hero centered around inner-city teacher Ralph, after his discovery of a superhero suit that bestowing him superhuman abilities. Misplacing its instructions, Ralph grew to hate wearing the suit, as he learned to wield its powers through trial and error. Ralph was also aided by a government handler with his own agenda, and wrestled with whether he should remain a superhero or merely use the suit for his own good.

You can check out the original clip below, but will The Greatest American Hero succeed in its second go around?

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