FOX’s Minority Report TV series took the rare path of following its cinematic inspiration as a straight sequel, though the latest bit of casting makes a few minor adjustments. Not only has Nick Zano joined the future-flung fall series as a new Pre-Cog, but so too does the actor replace who we’d thought to play the role.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the Happy Endings and One Big Happy star will take the series regular role of Arthur, twin brother to lead Pre-Cog Dash (Stark Sands). It had initially been postulated that Sands might play a dual role, though the new series will change the “twins” from the film to fraternal in order to accommodate Zano’s presence.

The new iteration of the sci-fi drama centers on Lara Vega (Meagan Good), a detective who partners with former Pre-Cog Dash, who despite his attempt to lead a normal life is haunted by visions of the future after PreCrime’s end. The series also stars That ‘70s Show alum Wilmer Valderrama as Detective Will Blake, a newbie filling in for Lara while on leave.

Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, penned by Godzilla writer Max Borenstein and directed by Mark Mylod, the new iteration picks up 10 years after the fall of PreCrime, as established during the events of the film. Daniel London will reprise his role as Pre-Cog caretaker Wally, while The Following star Li Jun Li will play the role of Akeela, a CSI technician who works closely with Vega, and Laura Regan will play the role of female Pre-Cog Agatha.

We’ll see more of FOX’s Minority Report from Comic-Con 2015, and in the meantime, check out the latest trailers for the September 21 premiere below.

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