NBC’s live musicals have proven reasonably successful as TV events, a strategy FOX looks to replicate with its own production of Grease, but why stop there? The former Glee network has envisioned a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to be broadcast as a two-hour television event.

Filming the project as opposed to a live event, FOX’s new rendition of the 1975 classic will be feature High School Musical’s Kenneth Ortega as director, executive producer and choreographer, tentatively titling itself The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event. No casting has yet been determined, though we’re told that further development would hinge on its choice of stars.

In addition to Ortega, original Rocky Horror producers Gail Berman and Lou Adler will executive produce, while the special itself will be tied to the musical film’s 40th anniversary. This isn’t the first time FOX has attempted to get a Rocky Horror Picture Show remake off the ground either, following a 2002 stab at development, and the more recent Glee event appropriating songs from the show.

Will FOX’s Rocky Horror Picture Show keep a light on at the Frankenstein Inn, or get lost in a time warp? Who should take the roles, should FOX find out whatever happened to Saturday night?

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