Peter Pan

‘Brave’ Director to Helm ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Alice’ Prequel
If you haven’t yet had your fill of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland — or of live-action updates on children’s classics, for that matter — a new film from director Brenda Chapman is doubling down on all of the above. The co-director of Pixar’s Brave is preparing to make her live-action debut with Come Away, a movie that combines elements of J.M. Barrie and Lewis Carroll’s beloved books into one magical (and kind of sad) story.
Disney Taps ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Director for ‘Peter Pan’
Surprise! (Not really.) Disney is developing yet another live-action remake of one of their classic animated properties, this time setting their sights on Peter Pan — which sort of feels like a real shots-fired situation following the failure of Joe Wright’s Pan over at Warner Bros. David Lowery, who recently helmed the Pete’s Dragon remake for Disney, has been tapped to direct and script a new live-action Peter Pan movie.
'Peter Pan Live!': Allison Williams Sings in First Trailer
Rapidly becoming our favorite holiday tradition, December 4 will see NBC’s latest live-action train wreck as ‘Girls‘ star Allison Williams crosses hooks with Chrisopher Walken for NBC’s forth coming ‘Peter Pan Live!’ stage musical. So, if you ever wanted to see Marnie seducing young women, or hanging from a rope as Christopher Walkens all over the scenery, check out our first look at ‘Peter Pan Live!’ in action!
NBC's 'Peter Pan Live!': First Photo of Allison WIlliams
However seemingly disorganized, NBC struck social media gold last year with its 'The Sound of Music Live!' special, and everything we've seen of 2014's 'Peter Pan' follow-up has hit squarely in the same vein. Get your first look at 'Girls' star Allison Williams donning fishnet sleeves in the title role of NBC's 'Peter Pan' with the first official costume photo!
NBC's Peter Man Live Casts Allison Williams as Lead
Any 'Girls' viewer well knows that the HBO dramedy's most cringe-worthy moments usually stem from the singing of series star Allison Williams, and lucky for us all, NBC has found a way to share our discomfort with the entire world, live! Following Christopher Walken's Captain Hook casting, NBC's 'Peter Pan Live!' has officially found its titular boy, to be portrayed by 'Girls' warbler and network royalty Allison Williams.
Newcomer Levi Miller Lands Lead in 'Pan'
Director Joe Wright beefed up his upcoming Peter Pan movie, 'Pan,' with some well-known celebs, from Hugh Jackman to Garrett Hedlund to the newly cast Rooney Mara, but for the title role, he wanted some fresh blood -- and he got it! Young actor Levi Miller landed the role of the most famous crow-calling, pirate-grappling, high-flying kid from Neverland.

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