We've seen more than a few post-'SNL' TV vehicles for Will Forte fall apart, but FOX seems to have finally given the 'Nebraska' star a shot. Forte will soon join fellow 'SNL' alum Andy Samberg on FOX, now that Forte's high-concept comedy 'Last Man on Earth' has been given a full series order.

Sounding a bit like 'Y: The Last Man' at first glance, Forte's 'Last Man on Earth' cryptically sees the 'MacGruber' funnyman as exactly that, the last man on Earth. Fox remains cagey about divulging additional plot details, but we're going to go ahead and guess that Forte will eventually gain some company on the series, rather than attempt some kind of comedic 'I Am Legend.'

However it shakes out, Forte himself will write and produce 'Last Man on Earth,' alongside Phil Lord and Chris Miller, creative minds behind 'The LEGO Movie.' Both Lord and Miller will also direct the pilot episode, which FOX currently has in mind for a mid-2015 premiere. The network had also previously courted Forte's single-camera comedy 'Rebounding,' ultimately passing back in 2012.

It's a curious-sounding series, to be certain, but what do you think? Does Will Forte have the comedic chops to make it as the 'Last Man on Earth'? What do you think FOX might have in store for us in 2015?