One couple's tumultuous relationship is someone else's potential movie: Fountainhead Productions is apparently looking to bring the failed six year marriage between Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner to the big screen.

The crooner left his wife to marry the gorgeous "femme fatale" movie star in 1951 and they divorced in 1957. Those six years were full of all kinds of controversy, including clashes with the Catholic Church, battles with gossip columnists and a handful of aborted pregnancies (enforced by Gardner's studio contracts!). Although Gardner later said Sinatra was "the love of her life" and helped him get his Oscar winning role in 'From Here to Eternity,' it was not happy relationship.

Although there is nothing concrete yet, Fountainhead is currently soliciting scripts. There is no attached talent, but Moviehole points out that they have strong connections to 'The Expendables 2' director Simon West, who feels like ten kinds of wrong for this subject. If they do plan to get this project rolling, they may face stiff competition from a living legend: Martin Scorsese is currently prepping a Frank Sinatra biopic of his own.

In any case, between this and the upcoming 'Liz and Dick,' old school Hollywood gossip is starting to become its own genre. What do you think? Is there a movie here?