50 'Curtis Jackson' Cent is the latest rapper who thinks his talent for smackin' hos and poppin' bottles is a sure fire way into the world of acting and Hollywood. So far Two Quarters has already managed to make and star in a handful of films (all of them terrible) and now he's starring in a new police drama alongside Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker.

According to the awesome trailer below, Robert De Niro plays a veteran cop who is corrupt or acts tough and likes to cook. Five Dimes is his partner, a man who fights for justice and is trying to be the man his father was, yet has the necessary street cred one needs to survive in the corrupt world of law enforcement. Speaking of corrupt, Forest Whitaker plays Denzel Washington in 'Training Day' where King Kong ain't got shit on him or 50 Pennies or his mom or whomever else is around him.

All we know is this looks like another fantastic disaster by Half Dollar. So far the man has tarnished the careers of Bruce Willis, Chris Klein, Ray Liotta and is even starring in 'The Tomb' with Stallone and Schwarzenegger. We're not exactly sure how he's getting these roles considering he has the acting range of a Teddy Ruxpin. Perhaps he's throwing our stars some bling'd out ragers with tons of bitches and mad bro hugs.

Here's the trailer for this Oscar nominee. Look for it on Blu-Ray/DVD...eh, who cares when.